Made in Surveys - Quali Online


On-Qual is an Online Qualitative platform for Market Research Professionals.
The platform can be tailored to meet all your needs and can be fully personalised:

  • Online Focus Groups: :
    All the respondents log on simultaneously to participate in a moderator-led discussion for a set period (1 to 3 hours).

    This allows you to have respondents who are widely spread geographically all taking part in the same focus group at the same time.

    Ideal for busy or hard-to-reach respondents.

  • Online Bulletin Boards:

    Respondents (10 to 20) log on at regular intervals over a period of several days for individual or group discussions led by the moderator (2 to 30 days).

    Ideal for observing the evolution of the respondents’ views over a period of time.

  • Online Communities:

    As many participants as you wish take part in discussions on several subjects over a long time period. The moderator can initiate as many discussions as needed.

    Ideal for studying brand awareness for example.

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