Since 2001, Made in Surveys has been delivering excellence in online quantitative research, with expert advice, methodology, tailored survey hosting, follow-ups and post-research recommendations.
Why choose us?
  • 16 years of online survey expertise,
  • Services tailored to your needs,
  • Your satisfaction is our main objective.

Advantages of online surveys

  • Speed : online surveys can be launched within just a few hours and allow you to survey thousands of people in just a few days.
  • Cost : an online survey can cost as little as a quarter of the price of a more traditional method (face-to-face or phone).
  • Interactivity : you can insert videos and images, personalise the survey to the profile of the respondents, and much more.
  • Quality : multiple checks are carried out to ensure a high quality of respondents: time spent on each page, IP addresses, straight-liners etc.
  • Convenience : respondents take part in your surveys when and wherever they want.
  • Scope : you can survey thousands of respondents almost anywhere in the world.

Areas of expertise

Brand awareness surveys
Satisfaction surveys,
Brand image surveys,
Testing of :
   - Packaging
   - Logos
   - Billboards
   - Press releases
   - Radio/TV adverts
   - Websites
   - Email marketing
   - Newsletters
   - Services
   - Concepts
   - Purchasing intentions
Website optimisation…