Online Questionnaire: the different steps

The stages of an online quantitative survey: our expertise ensures quality and reliability from start to finish.
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    of your questionnaire
    and specifications
    Your project manager carefully reviews your questionnaire and makes any necessary recommendations to ensure that it will not be affected by bias.
  • 2


    of your questionnaire online
    Our web developers (based in France and the UK) are responsible for programming and uploading your questionnaire. We do not face the restrictive technical limitations of some of the software and tools used to put questionnaires online. Your questionnaire can appear exactly as you designed it.
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    Testing and validation

    Once your questionnaire is online, a series of checks/ tests are carried out: consistency of questions/answers, filters, the display on different devices (PC/Mac, web browsers, tablets etc.). You also have the opportunity to personally test the survey to make sure everything is working as it should be.
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    We offer a targeted sample based on multiple criteria (see Access Panels). During the administration stage, your project manager monitors the progress of fieldwork. You can also personally monitor the fieldwork so you can be sure that everything is progressing as planned.
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    Data collection

    We closely monitor the quality of our panellists and their responses. We do not hesitate to “blacklist” panellists if there is doubt about the reliability of their responses. We monitor response time, the quality of responses to open-answer questions, the IP addresses of respondents and the consistency of their responses over several questions.
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    Delivery of data

    in raw or analysed format
    (frequency/cross-tabulation etc.),
    according to your needs
    We deliver the data in any format of your choice in order to facilitate your analysis: raw Excel data, SPSS or any format you may require.