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Tailored recruitment methods

Focus groups, product testing, individual interviews, mystery shoppers...
We offer tailored recruitment methods for every type of study. To help you prepare an effective recruitment brief, download one of our recruitment guides below.

Market research agencies

Does your client have a very specific recruitment project? Made in Surveys is pleased to offer its expertise and experience to help you meet their needs.. Our 150,000 participatory members / non-professionals offer unbeatable recruitment quality.

Focus Groups
Technique for gathering qualitative information. Several people (ranging from 3 - 12 depending on the type of interview) are recruited, brought together and interrogated by a moderator.
Individual interviews
Interviews can be done face to face with a moderator or they can be conducted from home. These in-depth interviews aim to gather very precise information from very precise profiles.
Product testing
Testing can be done before the launch of a new product or after the launch in order to recognise where improvements need to be made. Testing can be qualitative or quantitative.
Mystery Shopper
Mystery shopping gives you elements of reflection, based on a neutral and objective analysis. This helps you to clearly identify the right strategies to put in place and the necessary methodology for the establishment of real action plans.